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Kambinda na quica Details:

Kambinda na quica - Baranta Download

A fast, hypnotic and energetic fusion of African and Afro Brazilian percussion.
Features Congas, djembes, talking drum, Bells, Cuica (Friction Drum) and Kalimba (Thumb Harp).
Gives a feeling of urgency and running away.
David Yowell / Francis Fuster  50/50


action+ Adventure Adventurous+ Africa+ African+ aggressive+ Brasil+ Brasileiro+ Brazil+ Brazil+ Brazilian+ burning+ candomble+ ceremonial+ ceremony+ chase+ chase Aggressive+ Congas+ cuica+ drama+ dramatic+ Driving+ driving+ Energetic+ forceful+ Ghana+ Guinea+ hunt+ hunted+ hunter+ Impassioned+ Ivory Coast+ kalimba+ Kambinda+ magic+ magical+ Mali+ Nigeria+ passionate+ percussion+ percussive+ religious+ Senegal+ Sierra Leone+ Upbeat+ Urgent+ voodoo+

Baranta Biographical Information:

Led by master percussionist Francis Fuster and  bassist / arranger / producer - Dave Yowell, BARANTA have a unique sound in that they fuse traditional African drumming and chants, with Latin rhythms and Jazz improvisation.

You can listen to all of Baranta's tracks from their website:

Kambinda na quica Technical Information:

  • Duration: 1:56