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Didja ever dream Details:

Didja ever dream - Yidaki man Download

Authentic, traditional, pulsating didjeridoo (yidaki) accompanied by click sticks, evoking the dreamy spiritual essence of the Australian outback.
Dave Yowell - 100%
There are two other tracks featuring the Yidaki (Native Australian instrument also known as a didjeridoo):
 Did Jeri Do?
Dream time at Uluru


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Yidaki man Biographical Information:

Yidaki Man playing a didjeridoo
Yidaki man came to the planet earth 10,000 years ago to teach the children of Uluru how to summon the spirits to help them. He sent some termites to hollow out a branch from the sacred tree of life. He then taught the children of Uluru the technique of  "circular breathing ", so that they could blow air through the yidaki continiuously without stopping. This would create sacred frequencies which the spirits would enjoy. Yadaki  is the spirit inside all Didjeridoo (Yidaki) players.


Didja ever dream Technical Information:

  • Duration: 1:05