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Flying high Details:

Flying high - Celtic Blue Download

Dave Hippy

A hippy, acid rock fusion of Indian and Western acoustic Instruments and retro synthesisers in the style of Donovan, Jefferson Airplane and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Medium tempo, floating and trippy.
Dave Yowell / Kevin O Callaghan - 50/50


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Celtic Blue Biographical Information:

Celtic Blue is the name of a celtic fusion band and album by the late Kevin O'Callaghan and Dave Yowell.
In 2006, Kevin (Vocals, guitars and mandolin), Dave (bass, keys and percussion) and Martin Symonds (drums) had a lot of fun recording the album and then playing the material live in Irish pubs around North London.
Unfortunately, Kevin died of lung cancer in 2012 - He is remebered with much fondness - RIP Kevin.
Kevin's share of royalties generated, are passed on to his surviving family.
 Celtic Blue

Flying high Technical Information:

  • Duration: 3:02