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India Dreaming-full version Details:

India Dreaming-full version - Sultan MakendéAdd to Cart

india Zen
A haunting combination of swirling, floating electronic drones, sitar and tablas, overlaid by an indian type of violin called a dilruba.
Very peaceful, Zen and tranquil.

Dave Yowell - 100%

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Asean+ Asian+ chill+ chill+ cool+ dilruba+ Eastern+ haunting+ India+ Indian+ magical+ meditation+ meditative+ mystic+ mystical+ Pakistan+ relaxed+ relaxing+ sitar+ slow+ tabla+ tablas+ tranquil+ yoga+ zen+

Mix-set Information:

Sultan Makendé Biographical Information:

Image of Sultan Makendé

Kenyan, Sultan Makendé is a producer and musician who has been active in the alternative music scene for many years. He has also had many television and film music credits, including:

HBO - Sex and the City
Warner Brothers - The In-Laws, Till Death Do Us Part, The Wedding Party
Columbia Pictures - Life Without Dick
BBC - Dirty Pretty Things , Animal Planet , Knowledge Africa ,Top Gear
FOX - Americas Next Top Model
Channel 4 - Famous and Fearless
MTV - Pimp My Ride
Discovery Science
Discovery Travel & Living

India Dreaming-full version Technical Information:

  • Duration: 1:32