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Salame instrumental Details:

Salame instrumental - Al Finjan Download

Sad and evocative Arabian ballad / love song.
Featuring traditional Middle Eastern / Arab / Persian instruments and orchestra.
Check out the alternative vocal mix.

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David Yowell / Nizar Al Issa / Tarik Saeed  33.3% each


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Mix-set Information:

The tracks in this mix-set are:

Al Finjan Biographical Information:

Al FinjanAl Finjan are a group of diverse and virtuoso musicians who like to mix it up.

The predominant flavour is Arab / Middle Eastern, but there are are also African, Funk, Reggae and Jazz influences.
Al Finjan are:
Nizar Al Issa: Oud & Lead vocal
Tarik Saeed: Kanoon, Percussion, Keyboards & Backing vocals
Dave Yowell: Bass, Percussion & Backing vocals
Fabyo : Percussion
Saeed: Guitars

Salame instrumental Technical Information:

  • Duration: 3:42