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Cliffs of Moher-full mix Details:

Cliffs of Moher-full mix - Murlough Download


A bouncy and happy Irish jig named after the famous cliffs of Moher, where the pre-Christian Gaelic Gods - Tuatha Dé Danann live.
This is the full version, check out the other version with just whistle and acoustic guitar.

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animated.positive+ bright. + celt+ celtic+ dance+ festive+ folk+ folkloric+ Gaelic+ happy+ Ireland+ Irish+ jig+

Mix-set Information:

Murlough Biographical Information:

Murlough - named after the beautiful beach in Ireland - are a band of Irish musicians, who know the "crack" when it comes to jigging and jumping, reeling and thumping, grooving and moving to the Celtic heart-beat.

Cliffs of Moher-full mix Technical Information:

  • Duration: 0:58