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Let's Go Kpalago - Full version Details:

Let's Go Kpalago - Full version - Baranta Download

A fast and furious, jazzy groove with loads of percussion, drums, bass, keyboard and a full horn section with jazzy solos. "Kpalago" is a rhythm from the coastal regions of Ghana, but similar rhythms can be found on the coast all along West Africa. This track would work well in any comic / chase / upbeat scene and need not be limited to something "West African". Another shorter version is also available in this collection with no jazzy solos, should you wish to just have the main groove bubbling under your scene.

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Africa+ African+ energetic+ fast+ happy+ percussive+ running+

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Baranta Biographical Information:

Led by master percussionist Francis Fuster and  bassist / arranger / producer - Dave Yowell, BARANTA have a unique sound in that they fuse traditional African drumming and chants, with Latin rhythms and Jazz improvisation.

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Let's Go Kpalago - Full version Technical Information:

  • Duration: 2:46