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Kalimba ya Nzimba-Main theme Details:

Kalimba ya Nzimba-Main theme - Co Preto Download


A bouncy, happy track featuring kalimba (thumb piano) with acoustic guitar, bass, drums and congas.
This is the main theme, check out the associated short cues with less instruments.

Dave Yowell 100%

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Africa+ African+ American+ bouncy+ Brasil+ Brazil+ Bresil+ happy+ mix-set+ short+ South America+

Mix-set Information:

Co Preto Biographical Information:

Cão Preto is a Kenyan/Brazilian musician and composer, well known in the state of Bahia as the 'rapaz' (dude) who taught the local chickens to play foot-volley-ball on Praia do flamengo (Flamingo Beach) during carnival.

Co Preto

Kalimba ya Nzimba-Main theme Technical Information:

  • Duration: 0:24