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Salama Ya Habibi-vers1-Instrumental Details:

Salama Ya Habibi-vers1-Instrumental - Sultan Makendé Download

This is the instrumental version
Medium tempo, electro organic fusion with lot's of percussion, oud and Zurna.
There are two versions, version one and another version (version two) with an Arabian string orchestra.
I have kept them as seperate links to avoid any possible confusion.

mix set - zip archiveThis track is part of a Mix-Set - You can download all versions as a ZIP archive.
**However If you would prefer individual stems to create your own specific versions, please get in touch and I will send them to you directly, as fast as I can.



+ Algeria+ Arab+ Arabic+ desert+ fusion+ groovy+ happy+ Iraq+ Lebanon+ Libya+ Middle East+ Morocco+ North Africa+ Palestine+ positive+ Syria+

Mix-set Information:

Sultan Makendé Biographical Information:

Image of Sultan Makendé

Kenyan, Sultan Makendé is a producer and musician who has been active in the alternative music scene for many years. He has also had many television and film music credits, including:

HBO - Sex and the City
Warner Brothers - The In-Laws, Till Death Do Us Part, The Wedding Party
Columbia Pictures - Life Without Dick
BBC - Dirty Pretty Things , Animal Planet , Knowledge Africa ,Top Gear
FOX - Americas Next Top Model
Channel 4 - Famous and Fearless
MTV - Pimp My Ride
Discovery Science
Discovery Travel & Living

Salama Ya Habibi-vers1-Instrumental Technical Information:

  • Duration: 1:32