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Tracks Listed In: Party, Dancing, Carnival

Track Artist Preview Download
Afro Funky Monkey (12.82MB) -
A funky fusion featuring funky beats, bass, organ and guitar.
Happy, comical and light

Dave Yowell – 100%
Sultan Makendé
Afro Jazza (18.15MB) -

Super funky afro-jazz with big horns, percussion and Molo (a two stringed African banjo), grooving along with a happy and care-free vibe.


Dave Yowell – 100%

Afro-Latino Lite-groove-1 (3.45MB) -

A light percussive  Afro-Latin groove that would work well bubbling under almost any kind of scene, even with dialogue over the top .
It is loopable should you wish to make it longer or cut it shorter, just take out the intro and exit phrases.
The BPM is 112.

mix set - zip archiveThis track is part of a Mix-Set - You can download all versions as a ZIP archive

bakongo (9.24MB) -
Energetic African percussion bash in a traditional 6/8 style.
Starts with a crescendo build up before settling down to an urgent beat.
Breaks in the middle, then picks up with more urgency.
David Yowell / Francis Fuster  50/50
Brandy Path (7.97MB) -

A happy Irish folk jig, featuring Irish whistle, fiddle, mandolin, bass and bodhran (Irish hand drum)

D. Yowell / A. Magennis / R. Heenan  33.3% each

Camel Market (19.42MB) -

Grooving and effective underscore for all kinds of documentaries with an African theme.   

Featuring molo a two stringed calabash banjo, marimba and African percussion.

Composer shares: D. Yowell / Atongo Zimba - 50/50



Can You Jig It? (16.91MB) -

Irish Jig

Classic Irish jig with a heavy rock backing reminiscent of the Irish punk band “the Pogues”.
Features lead fiddle (violin), bodhran (Irish hand drum), electric guitars, bass and drums.

Dave Yowell / Kevin O’ Callaghan -50/50

Celtic Blue
Donkey Man (23.77MB) -
Happy, rhumba based fusion of African instruments lead by a Bamboo flute.
D. Yowell / Atongo Zimba – 50/50
Eguije Atilogwou (11.95MB) -

A fast and thumping percussive tribal groove that fuses core musical and percussive elements from the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa.
Check out the other version with no flute / penny whistle.

mix set - zip archiveThis track is part of a Mix-Set - You can download all versions as a ZIP archive


Fiji Bula Bula (5.49MB) -

A snappy, happy, groovy South Sea Island Reggae groove.
Would work as a product jingle / commercial.

Dave Yowell


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