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Music to shake your booty

Tracks Listed In: Funk / Soul

Track Artist Preview Download
Funky Mole (8.95MB) -
Funky groove with no melody line but strong rhythmic pulse provided by break-beat, organ, bass and guitar.
Dave Yowell - 100%
Co Preto
Groove a Gris-Gris - Full mix (28.13MB) -


Funky Rumba-boogie from New Orleans in the style of the great Professor Longhair.
Big funky brass section,  groovy acoustic piano, virtuoso jazzy sax and trumpet solos, thumping drums and tambourines and swinging upright bass.
If you liked the music from the "Treme" TV series, then you will like this!
check out the other versions with plus/minus instruments.

mix set - zip archiveThis track is part of a Mix-Set - You can download all versions as a ZIP archive

Gringo Loco
Harmattan Mid Beat (26.39MB) -
Named after the dry and dusty Saharan wind that sweeps down across West Africa from November to March.
A floating, majestic fusion of African and Arab / desert nomad instruments, backed by a full string orchestra, evoking a feeling of dramatic desert landscapes.
This track is huge in it's sound and evokes a feeling of forgotten epochs, a tinge of sadness mixed with a tranquil delicacy.
This version has a funky beat with a dejembe (West African hand drum) solo in the mid section which adds drive.
Check out the shorter version that is more ambient and has no funky mid section.
Dave Yowell - 100%

mix set - zip archiveThis track is part of a Mix-Set - You can download all versions as a ZIP archive

Dave Yowell
Heavy Tension (15.1MB) -
A heavy, funky rock groove, featuring rock guitar, bass, drums, Congas, cowbell and swirling synthesisers. Gives a feeling of tension and impending action.
Dave Yowell - 100%
Dave Yowell
What you say (26.65MB) -


Funky, jazzy and groovy. An Afro-funky groove fusing Roots-Soul and Roots-African.
Featuring Mollo (African 2 string banjo), brass, African percussion and a backing from a super funky band of crack musicians.
The mood is happy, forceful, ambitious and positive.



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