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Welcome to Dave's Film and TV Music Catalogue.
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The lost planet of Davus can only be contacted and observed from here. It's a filmic fantasy land , where nothing is real and magic reigns - strange and mystical music to enhance your dreams.

Tracks Listed In: The lost planet of Davus

Track Artist Preview Download
Tripping In The Park (12.01MB) -
A combination of African Kalimba (thumb harp) and organic, animal sounding synth interjections.
Gives a feeling of really strange floating  and dreamy ambience.
Dave Yowell - 100%
Dave Yowell
Voodoo Hoodoo-No FX (13.54MB) -

Edgy, dark and tense percussion, giving a dramatic feeling of intense danger.

Check out the other version that has strange FX added.

mix set - zip archiveThis track is part of a Mix-Set - You can download all versions as a ZIP archive


Itamar DaveSam
Wawan go (7.14MB) -
Slow tense and menacing percussion groove.
Dave Yowell / Francis Fuster -50/50


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