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Welcome to Amazing World Music's - Production Music Catalogue.

A rapidly growing collection of weird and wonderful music from around the world,
Especially crafted for all types of film and TV projects, advertising, and websites.
Fast, safe and total legal clearance via the PRS - MCPS is guaranteed for your project.



Our music is pre-cleared for all media, worldwide in perpetuity and is available to license via PRS for Music,
either under a broadcaster blanket, IPC agreement or via the
PRS Production Music Rate Card

To license your track:

When you have chosen a track, just click on the download icon and you will be taken directly to your MCPS Licence Manager (You will need to be registerd and log-in)
You will then see the quote and if you are okay with it, submit for payment.

Once your production is ready for the public, you will need to fill out a cue sheet (see below) in order for Dave and his colloborators to recieve their share of blanket, IPC or any other royalties paid by the broadcasters, streaming platforms and disseminators of your production.

Independent Production Companies (IPC) licence

Who needs this licence:

Independent Production Companies (IPCs) that make TV programmes for UK broadcasters, including Channel 4 and Channel 5.

What this licence covers:

The copying of members' music into TV programmes for broadcast in the UK.
If you have not already obtained an IPC license, you can find out how it works from here: MCPS-PRS IPC license

Cue Sheets:

if you are not aware of how cue sheets work, you can view or download a quick cue sheet guide from here: PRS-Quick cue sheet guide

You can also download all the relevant cue sheet guidance notes and forms from here: PRS CUE SHEETS-guidance and forms

Web pages / Internet Streaming:

For web pages hosted in the UK, there are various types of licenses for internet broadcast available from the PRS (Performing Rights Society), depending on how you are going to use the music on your site.
We reccomend that you have a look at their guidance notes from here: PRS-MCPS guidance notes
If in doubt, or have any questions, then you should contact them directly.
In the USA you can see how it works from here. If in doubt, or have any questions, then you should contact them directly.
For other countries you should contact the national PRO (Performing Rights Organization) of your country.
You can see a list of most of the world's PROs from here:
List of PROs (royalty societies) worldwide

If you still have any further queries, please contact us or the MCPS PRS directly.

If you would like to see even more detail including common legal terms and definitions, you can see them here:

More legal detail
FAQs, and general explanations of how music licensing works


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