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Welcome to Amazing World Music's - Production Music Catalogue.

A rapidly growing collection of weird and wonderful music from around the world,
Especially crafted for all types of film and TV projects, advertising, and websites.
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Funky Cash Blues - Dave Yowell

Retro 70s style funky blues, featuring funky drums, horns, Fender Rhodes piano and guitar. Has a sexy female voice, with lyrics singing about money and cash.
Could be used in program about finance. Also check out the instrumental version (minus voice).
Dave Yowell - 100%

mix set - zip archiveThis track is part of a Mix-Set - You can download all versions as a ZIP archive

Jazzy chops chopsticks - Dave Yowell

A jazzy and sophisticated rendition of the well known piano piece "chopsticks".
it is in three parts - bass and drums groove, main chopsticks melody, then a light piano solo in a style rememiscent of the New Orleans greats - Fats Domino and Professor Longhair.
Instruments: acoustic piano, bass, drums and bongos.
It would work well in a light, humourous scene.

The main theme is known by many different names in many different countries:
In Spain as La Chocolatera, in the Netherlands as Vlooienmars (Flea March), in Belgium as Valse de Puce (Flea Waltz), in Russia as Sobachiy Val's (Собачий Вальс, Dog Waltz), in Poland as Kotlety (Cutlet), in Bulgaria as Koteshki Marsh (Cat March), in Hungary as Szamárinduló (Donkey March), and in Majorca as Polca de los Tontos (Fools' Polka). In Mexico it is called Los Changuitos (The Little Monkeys), in Finland Kissanpolkka (Cat's Polka) and in the Czech Republic "Prasečí valčík" (Pig Waltz). In China it is called "跳蚤圆舞曲" (Flea Waltz). In the United Kingdom, the melody is known as Chopsticks.

Dave Yowell: 100%

Funky congas - Wazimba

Bright and happy celebration of horns, African percussion and instruments, featuring groovy sax solo.
Dave Yowell / Atongo Zimba – 50/50

Donkey Man - Wazimba

Happy, rhumba based fusion of African instruments lead by a Bamboo flute.
D. Yowell / Atongo Zimba – 50/50

**If you would prefer individual stems to create your own specific versions, please get in touch and I will send them to you directly, as fast as I can.

Afro Funky Monkey - Sultan Makendé

A funky fusion featuring funky beats, bass, organ and guitar.

Happy, comical and light

**If you would prefer separate stems to do your own versions, please get in touch and I will send them to you directly.

Dave Yowell – 100%

Acoustic Bass Soundset - Dave Yowell

A set of typical sitcom style riffs or stings, played on an acoustic double bass. Commonly used to put under a transition from one scene to another.
This is a combined wav file of all the individual riffs in one

Dave Yowell – 100%

Hardyman the fiddler - Murlough

Irish Jig
A bouncing and joyful traditional Irish jig, featuring whistle, fiddle (violin), bodhran (frame drum) and acoustic guitar.
D. Yowell / A. Magennis / R. Heenan  33.3% each

Chewin the Leaf - Los Ticunas

Typical of the Amazonian borders of Columbia and Brazil, this music is called Cumbia and fuses Native American / amerindian / indigenous and African instruments and melodies.

Dave Yowell - 100%

Acoustic guitar bridge soundset - Dave Yowell

Acoustic guitar
A set of typical sitcom style riffs or stings, played on an Acoustic Guitar.
This is a combined Soundset file of all the individual tracks.

Dave Yowell – 100%

Hip Bossa - Cão Preto

A hip and funky bossa nova from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Features Latin percussion, acoustic guitar, bass and Fender Rhodes electric piano.


Dave Yowell - 100%


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