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Welcome to Amazing World Music's - Production Music Catalogue.

A rapidly growing collection of weird and wonderful music from around the world,
Especially crafted for all types of film and TV projects, advertising, and websites.
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Rekpete - Baranta

Medium Tempo traditional West African Hi-life featuring Flute, Trumpet, Sax and percussion with a percusive vocal break in the middle.
Dave Yowell / Francis Fuster -50/50

Shanana - Dave Yowell

Retro electro pop in the style of Os Mutantes and Rita Lee (Brazilian) or Bananarama (English).
Trashy rock guitar, banging beats, arpeggio synthesizer and cute girlie vocals, singing about nothing.
Very typical of the type of music currently being used in cutting edge / alternative British TV series such as Skins, Misfits and Beaver falls.
Dave Yowell - 100%

Country Jingle Bells - Dave Yowell

Instrumental version of the well known Christmas song with a country feel.
Would suit a humorous / happy / kids situation.

There is another faster version with an African / country feel:
Jingle Jingo Bells
Dave Yowell - 100%

Howlin McRastaman - Dave Yowell

Comical and head case, slapstick roots reggae / blues, featuring blues harp (harmonica) with a one drop reggae beat.
Would work well in any comic, light and happy situation.
Dave Yowell - 100%

Jingle Jingo Bells - Dave Yowell

An unusual rendition of the well known Christmas tune ˜Jingle Bells" with a slightly African flavour.
Features marimba, Christmas bells, African percussion, acoustic guitars, bass, drums and meaningless African-style chanting.
Dave Yowell - 100%

Also check out the other slower country version:
Country Jingle Bells

Lost the Plot - Dave Yowell

Classic trombone led ska, in the style of the great Rico Rodriguez, some roots dub and crazy belly dance thrown in for good measure.

Happy, bouncy and energetic, this track is perfect for underscoring a humorous situation.

The instruments are trombone, horns, live drums, guitar, organ, bass and Arabic percussion.


Dave Yowell - 100%

Polka Maluca - Dave Yowell

This very eclectic track is hard to categorise, but the description goes like this:
Fast, alternative and very atmospheric track with an eclectic mix of instruments.
The groove is based on a North East Brazilian "Baião" but it also has a very gypsy violin over the top.
Would suit many scenes / situations, ranging from tense rushing to comedy.

Dave Yowell - 100%

Three stoned mice - Dave Yowell

A big band ska (fast reggae) rendition of the famous nursery rhyme Three blind mice, with elements of swing and jive. 
Has a big brass section with trombone playing the lead melody. Gives a feeling of happy and slightly farcical celebration.
Dave Yowell - 100%

A Beer In Korea - Kim Lim

A beer In Korea
Korean muzak, perfect as a tasteless underscore to anything. Features cheesy keyboards, electric guitar to make the Shadows (Hank Marvin) green with envy, featuring retro sounding electric guitar, Koto, Shamisan, bass and drums.

Dave Yowell – 100%

Bouncy Bunnies-30 seconds - Dave Yowell

A happy, positive and bouncy jingle featuring a sanfona (accordian).
This is the 30 second version, check out the other versions from the links below.

mix set - zip archiveThis track is part of a Mix-Set - You can download all versions as a ZIP archive.
**However If you would prefer individual stems to create your own specific versions, please get in touch and I will send them to you directly, as fast as I can.



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