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Welcome to Dave's TV Music Catalogue.
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Palm Wine baião - Wazimba ()

Happy, carefree and with a fast groove. An eclectic mix of molo (african calabash banjo) accordion, African percussion acoustic guitar and bass
Dave Yowell / Atongo Zimba - 50/50

Palm island in the sun - Wazimba ()

Happy, groovy and joyful. Features Trinidadian Steel Drums with support from a variety of African instruments and percussion.
Dave Yowell / Atongo zimba - 50/50

What you say - Wazimba ()


Funky, jazzy and groovy. An Afro-funky groove fusing Roots-Soul and Roots-African.
Featuring Mollo (African 2 string banjo), brass, African percussion and a backing from a super funky band of crack musicians.
The mood is happy, forceful, ambitious and positive.

Yellow Muppet - Wazimba ()

A majestic, floating combination of Molo (African 2 string Banjo), acoustic guitar, ethereal bush vocals, electronica, and African percussion.
Breaks down to a very interesting Afro-Brazilian percussion groove (Samba Reggae) at the end.
Gives a warm and peaceful feeling.
The vocal is a tribal chant that has been reveresed and so is actually meanigless, but the result sounds like "Yellow muppet".
Dave Yowell / Atongo Zimba – 50/50

Wild molo - Wazimba ()

Weird and tense combination of molo (African 2 string banjo) and percussion.
Would work well in a tense / chase scene.
Dave Yowell / Atongo Zimba – 50/50

Funky congas - Wazimba ()

Bright and happy celebration of horns, African percussion and instruments, featuring groovy sax solo.
Dave Yowell / Atongo Zimba – 50/50

Forget The Past - Wazimba ()

Starts out enigmatic, wistful and reflective going into a happier mode for the bridges.   
Featuring soprano sax, supported by bass, African percussion and instruments.
Dave Yowell / Atongo Zimba – 50/50

Donkey Man - Wazimba ()

Happy, rhumba based fusion of African instruments lead by a Bamboo flute.
D. Yowell / Atongo Zimba – 50/50

Camel Market - Wazimba ()

Grooving and effective underscore for all kinds of documentaries with an African theme.   

Featuring molo a two stringed calabash banjo, marimba and African percussion.

Composer shares: D. Yowell / Atongo Zimba - 50/50